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As a provider of humanistic therapy in London, my sessions are based on the belief that humans have an innate ability for self-actualisation and personal growth. I actively encourage my clients to explore their thoughts, emotions and beliefs to help you accept yourself and all your flaws.

I approach each client as a whole person, taking into account your physical, emotional and even spiritual wellbeing to help identify your natural strengths and ways to overcome your own personal challenges.

The goal is to enhance your relationships, confidence and overall quality of life with authentic self-expression – If you want to find out more, please feel free to book a consultation with my contact form.



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To get started, simply reach out to me with my contact form to book your free 15 minute phone assessment.

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We will arrange a mutually convenient time to have a quick chat about what you're struggling with, where you want to be and what you're looking to get out of our time together.



If we believe we would be a good fit for one another, I will build a custom treatment plan and schedule in our first few sessions. These will be conducted remotely via Zoom.





For each customer I offer a free 15 minute phone assessment.

We will then schedule 50 minute counselling sessions at £65 per session.

I do offer a student discount, and we can speak in English, Italian or Spanish to suit your needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about my humanistic therapy in London and the UK

What is person-centred therapy?

Person-centred therapy is a psychological approach in the humanistic school that emphasises the individual’s inherent drive towards self-realisation and personal growth. This approach was pioneered by Carl Rogers in the 1940s, as a reaction against the more deterministic and behaviourist views at the time. His orientation is based on the trust on the client's autonomy and that, once offered the conditions of empathy, congruence and full acceptance, the client would be capable of growth and therapeutic change.

How do I know if I need mental health counselling?

If you’re experiencing persistenet feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress or facing challenges that impact your daily life, relationships or work, counselling can prove beneficial in helping your way through. It’s also helpful for those seeking personal development, self-discovery or looking to improve their coping skills.

How confidential is the counselling process?

Confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of counselling. Your right to privacy is treated with the utmost respect, and information shared during our sessions is kept strictly confidential. There are a few rare exceptions, but these will be outlined and explained in full during the counselling agreement. This ensures a safe and trusting therapeutic environment.

How often should I attend counselling services?

The frequency of your sessions depends on your individual needs and goals. You will initially benefit from more frequent sessions, and as time goes on and you make progress these will become less frequent. We will discuss this at length, and work together to decide on a schedule that works best for you.

What conditions or issues do you specialise in?

As a provider of humanistic therapy in London, with experience working with NHS workers, I have helped my clients navigate a range of conditions including anxiety, depression and relationship issues. The humanistic approach is holistic and can be tailored to suit any condition or concern.

What can I expect from a typical counselling session?

Sessions are designed to provide a safe, non-judgemental space where you can freely explore your thoughts and feelings. I will actively listen, offer empathy and work collaboratively with you to promote self-discovery and personal growth.

How long does a therapy session typically last?

The duration of your therapy plan depends on your individual needs and goals – We will discuss this during our consultation.

What role does the therapeutic relationship play?

The relationship between patient and counsellor is crucial for person-centred therapy. I therefore aim to provide unconditional positivity, empathy and authenticity to create a trusting and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself.

Can humanistic therapy help my present or future?

While we may explore past experiences, the primary focus is on your present thoughts and feelings. Humanistic therapy focuses on the here and now, and encourages the client to take personal responsibility for their actions and choices so they can move forwards.

Is your person-centred therapy suitable to everyone?

Person-centred therapy can and does benefit a wide range of individuals, but its effectiveness may vary. It may be that a combination of therapeutic approaches may be best for you, so we will discuss what approach or combination of approaches would align best with your needs.

How can I get started and what should I do to prepare for our first session together?

To get started with your humanistic therapy journey, simply reach out by filling out my contact form to schedule your initial session. No specific preparation is required: Just come in with an open mind and a willingness to explore your thoughts and emotions.

How do I know if I’m making progress?

I don't assess the client at any time, usually, the improvement in therapy depends on the quality of the relationship that we manage to establish in the room. Once there is an environment of trust and openness this should hopefully give you a sense of relief and ability to communicate difficult feelings.



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Embrace the journey of self-discovery with my remote holistic therapy in London and the wider UK

If you seek a counsellor who will walk alongside you on your journey, you have my wholehearted support. Whatever you want to work towards, we will work together you get you there.

Please reach out to me by filling out my contact form and schedule an appointment to begin this transformative process.

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